McDonald’s fan discovers hack to make carrying drinks so much easier

It’s not too much to order a soft drink and a milkshake with your chicken nugget meal at McDonald’s, is it?

It seems perfectly logical to pick up a coke or a lemonade to quench your thirst alongside a delicious vanilla milkshake (which basically counts as dessert anyway).

But there is one stumbling block with this ingenious order – it’s not particularly easy to carry two drinks alongside a mountain of fries.

Luckily, a McDonald’s superfan has stepped up to help in a TikTok video that has completely changed the game.

Regular Maccies visitor @Antmista_69 posted a video teaching people a little hack that will help you carry multiple McDonald’s drinks – and it seems fans are grateful for his advice, because the video has racked up 34,000 likes.

In the video, Antony joked it had taken him 27 years to figure out the design feature making it possible to carry more than one drink.

He captioned the video: “How old were you when you found this out?!”

Sitting in his car, with his drinks in two separate holders, he takes one out and balances one on top of the other.

But instead of carrying out a tricky balancing act, he pushes the top drink onto the lid of the bottom one, securing it in place.

Antony realised the bottom of the cups fit perfectly into the lids, so you can stack your drinks without spilling them.

After he shared his hack with the world, viewers were gobsmacked – expressing their shock that they’d never thought to do it before.

One person said: “I’m shook.”

Another said they had worked at McDonald’s in the past, and used to use the clever trick when they’d run out of cup holders.

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