30th Annual
Renewal & Reflection for School Counseling Professionals Conference

February 3, 2021

This year’s conference invites participation from all who have ideas, innovative programs, successful exemplars, or practice oriented research in school counseling that can be shared in a workshop format and which encourage dialogue, consideration and skill development among fellow counselors on the important theme of taking our important work with students forward.

Please submit proposals via e-mail only to
Put “WNYSCC PROPOSAL” in the Subject line.

Use the following format for your electronic proposal:
1. Presentation Title
2. Program Description: Please provide an accurate description of 150 words or less of your presentation. This description will be placed on the conference website and is subject to editing. Presentations should reflect the theme of the conference, and both the major goals supporting objectives must be clearly stated.
3. Audio-visual equipment needed. Please note that laptop/LCD displays cannot be provided for you . You may elect to bring your own.
4. Workshop sessions are approximately 60-75 minutes in length. We will let you know when your presentation is scheduled.
5. Presenter Contact Information: Include 2-3 sentences of biographical information which describes your qualifications to present and current employment.

Title or Position
Home Address
Home Telephone Number
Work Address
Work Telephone Number
Email Address

Conference policy allows for the waiving of conference registration fee for presenters who only come for their presentation. If you wish to stay for all or part of the day, a reduced rate of $30 is offered. Presenters must prepare and provide their own handout materials.

Proposals are due by 10/01/20